Our Story

We all are 1st generation immigrants who came to the US for better opportunities and living. The NRI Path team, also known as the Financial Freedom group, hails from different career, social, and  economical backgrounds. After learning about the importance of being educated and empowered by Financial Education, we have embarked on a mission to educate 4 million NRIs in the USA about finance and make a positive difference in their lives!

When we came here to America envisioning the American dream, we did not have a long term vision. Most first-generation immigrant NRIs come to America with a goal – to make some money and go back to India. But the lifestyle of an American resident changes one’s perception over time: most of the NRIs make America their home. But the initial years of confusion and uncertainty hinders NRIs in planning their financial future. Another big thing is not knowing what they are missing out onBlind spots!

Many H1B immigrants don’t even contribute to 401K even to get free employer matching. There are many needs and goals that evolve as they start living here and making America their home.

Our Vision

By the end of this, we see ourselves successfully educating four million Non-resident Indians in the USA with Financial literacy and empowering them to take meaningful and relevant  decisions for a better financial future that would benefit current and future generations.

Our Mission

To provide top-quality financial services and business opportunities that NRIs would be recommended to by family and friends. Our mission is to collaborate with our clients to make smart financial choices through uncompromising integrity, trust, and personalized service.

Trust & Sincerity

We serve with sincerity and honesty. We work you can trust us we believe in serving our clients with utmost trust-

"Trust is like the air we breathe — when it’s present, nobody really notices. When it’s absent, everyone notices." 
 — Warren Buffett

Commitment to serve

Our passion & commitment is to serve the NRI community in the USA. Mission is before commission is our motto. Whether you have just started your journey as a recent immigrant or an NRI "veteran" having wealth in multiple portfolios, we can still help to educate you and serve you on areas that would help you in your financial future.

Higher Values & Standards

All of our actions and relationships are based on honest communication, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, provision of unbiased solutions that would benefit customers, We strive for open communications and mutual trust.

Customer First

We strive to build a creative and empowered relationship with clients. Focused on empowering clients with financial education and unbiased solutions. Our emphasis on the customer experience permeates every level of our culture and collective work ethic. We love what we do, and we demonstrated many times by delivering unparalleled customer service.

Meet Our Team

Whether you are interested to build wealth, protect your family, or preserve your assets, our personalized service focuses your needs, wants, and long-term goals. 

Our team of professionals all over the USA having years of experience in financial services who understands NRI needs. We can help you address your needs of today and for many years to come. We look forward to working with you.

Giri Lankipalle

Giri Lankipalle has served in the financial & insurance services industry since 2018, Giri brings both wisdom and creativity to his clients. He has enjoyed success as an IT professional & Entrepreneur prior to a financial consultant.

He is passionate about helping people and educating local communities.

Giri possesses a unique combination of the social entrepreneur, start-up, finance, and corporate management experience of over 23 years.

He has helped clients from 15+ states in the USA, and has operations in CA, WA, NC, TX, NJ, MA, PA, WI, TN, GA,MD, NV,IL, MI and more. He is always looking for business partners in new areas to expand.

Raj Kollipara

Raj Kollipara has been serving the community in the financial & insurance services industry since 2019, Raj has been mentoring the young adults and youth for over a decade in the social responsibility and self-development areas. He has enjoyed success as an IT Program Manager prior to becoming a financial consultant.

He is passionate about helping people and educating local communities.

Raj possesses great commitment to help the community through leadership, volunteering, charitable giving. He added his Financial Services to create a positive impact to the community.

He has helped clients from many states in the USA, and has operations in CA, NC, TX, MD and more. He is always looking for business partners in new areas to expand.

Have Any Questions?

Most of us are first generation immigrants and we didn’t receive knowledge or guidance from our parents or grand parents on how to live in this country, We learn as we go, but usually, it’s too late in the game to make adjustments to meet our financial goals. Solid financial guidance on the areas we need to focus on and identification of blind spots can help NRIs to achieve Financial Freedom! Contact us for a  FREE 60 minute 1-1 consultation with one of our experienced advisors. 

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